Day in life of an IT engineer in a Silicon Valley startup company

Redwood City, CA

About myself

To help explain what I do during my time in the Valley, it’s probably worth checking this story about “How I got a job in the Bay Area from Finland”.

What I do

I used to work for a corporate company, but having freedom to work on different things and avoid organizational friction were the main motivation for me to decide to go work for a startup.

How does my daily work look like

In my company, typical work hours aren’t fixed. Some people come as early as 6am and leave the office at 3pm to beat the traffic (yes, traffic congestion is such a big issue in the Bay Area) but some could start their day at 9am or 10am depending on the meeting schedules.

My work desk :)
My messy work desk decoration :)
Pizza I made during a lunch and learn session about “learning how to make 🍕 🍕🍕”

Things I believe I should have done differently

Looking back, I feel pretty happy with my time in the Bay Area since I was able to learn a lot professionally and personally. However, I wish I could have spent more time exploring some other things besides work such as meeting new people or exploring more places.



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